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Mix Agate Keychain Gold Plated

Agate Keychain Gold Plated

Agate Keychain Gold Plated

Agate Keychain Gold Plated

Yellow Agate Onyx Keychain Plated

Pink Agate Onyx Keychain Plated

Mix Small Obelisk

Unakite Small Obelisk

Chakra Faceted Oval Set

7 Seven Bracelet Engraved

Red Jasper Golden Wire Tree

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Gems and expensive stones have a clientele all across the world. You can get a large plethora of such gems and stones that offers a large array of colors, cuts and even precious qualities. Apart from ornamenting the precious jewelry of different types, these stones and gems also has other qualities offer. One of the most common uses of theses stones are made for offering healing qualities and astrological purposes.

On many occasions these stones and gems also plays a very vital role in sciences of feng shui. It is said that once used in the proper way these gems and stones helps to vitalize the health and family of a person and can also assist to create an aura of positive energy all around you. Many of these stones are believed to posse’s special qualities that help fight negative energy and depression.

World Wide Presence

At Faiz Gems we made an endeavor back in 1990 to offer the best quality stones and gems to our clients worldwide. Since our humble beginning you can find our branches and tributaries in various parts of the world such as America, Asia, Australia and Europe. We believe in serving the global host of clients and fulfilling their requirements of both beauty and utility. With Faiz Gems you can find the best quality of products that reaches our customers and clients and helps to fulfill their requirements of fashion, astrology feng shui and others.


Quality and diversity are the two aspects that have been of prime importance to us. We believe that it is on the sheer dint of these two aspects that Faiz Gems will be able to rule the market. Ewe understand that as our clients and esteemed patrons chooses us over different other global brands of stones and gems, we owe our customers to offer nothing but best in terms of designs and quality. Diversity with unique innovative styles is what we bring always for you esteemed customers of ours’.


This best is not just in terms of the quality and the designs but also the prices at which you buy them.

Now you can shop from us from our retail outlets and can also shop from us from our online shopping platforms. This will help you to get the best of our products and designs and shop easily from any part of the world. Just log in to our site and follow the simple instructions for a great shopping experience.

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