Expensive Stones and gems are a favorite with a large number of people around the world. They are some of the most favored ornamentations for jewelries across the world. Apart from this these precious stones and gems are also known for a large number of their astrological and healing qualities.

Keeping all these aspects in mind we at Faiz Gems understand that people fancy these precious gems, stones and crystals for a large number of reasons. The reason to purchase these stones and crystals can be very different for different people. Hence they definitely have very different requirement s when they finally come to buy these products. This is why at Faiz Gems as manufacturers and retailers of theses stones and crystals we believe in collecting diversity under a single roof.


Keeping the fact in mind that all our customers are just as important to us we respect all your requirements and hence we bring you the largest collection of expensive and precious stones, gems and crystals. The different array of products that you can find with us is Crystal Point, Chakra sets’, Chakra Reiki Sets, Arrowheads, Gemstone necklaces, Healing stone jewelry, Bracelets made of gemstones, Gemstone beads, Engraved stones, Stone Pendulums, Healing wands, Handicrafts gifts and many more.

Our Motto

Faiz Gems began with and has continued till date with the main mission and motto of serving quality at an affordable price bracket. Stones and gems are often bought so that they can be used for healing processes. In many sciences of healing it has been believed that crystals have a basic influence in creating good energy around people. This is why the quality of the stones and the gems and very importantly the crystals happens to be very important. The quality of the crystals will influence the final results that you will enjoy and experience out of them. This is why offering top quality is so important. Again the customers who often come to us for buying products have very little knowledge about the products. This is why our responsibility increases many fold of offering them the most authentic quality.


We at Faiz Gems understand that these precious stones and crystals can be quite expensive. This is one of the main hindrances for many to buy. This is why as one of the leading manufacturers of such crystals we bring you quality and authentic products at affordable prices. We bring new offers and deals for all you customers so that you can shop at your hearty’s content. We bring you special offers on days such as your birthdays and your anniversaries.

Global Shopping Experience

In the current age of internet we facilitate our customers to but both from our retail outlets and also from our online shopping sites. Now you can avail our best and latest designs from anywhere in the world. Spread across countries of Asia, America, Australia and Europe we look forward to serve the global plethora of buyers.

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