Description of Chakra Bracelets

The power of Chakras


Chakra Bracelet are often brought up in relation to meditation practices and emotional healing. Every single one of these potential energy centers has its own vibration frequency – and when we understand how they work, it can be used to heal particular wounds or just achieve better physical and emotional well being. If you’ve ever found yourself confused about the whole meaning behind chakras – I’m here to help you out! In this post, I will break down the meaning of each chakra as well as ways to balancing each chakra effectively with the help of pendulums, crystals and colors.

You can incorporate chakra healing crystals and colors into a chakra bracelet for an effective outcome. 


Chakra Bracelet are the esoteric literature, the human being is classified as having seven levels or field of consciousness and energy. In the etheric level, the individual campus is conditioned and vitalized by the universe vital force-energy that penetrates through our principal centers or “chakra Chakra Bracelet ”.


Chakra Bracelet  provide an attraction of energy that helps balance the bodies mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. The colored light admitted by the associated with each Chakra and using colors, stones, pendulums are some of the various ways to heal different parts of the body.  See below the meaning of using the right colors on each Chakra Bracelet.


When the individual is healthy, there is a balanced rhythmic flow between all chakras. When there are chronic perturbations in the emotional level, as hostility or permanent anxiety, the flow of energy becomes messy, which can eventually damage all systems?  Another example is the fear and depression that can reduce the normal flow of energy, so the organs like kidneys could become less able to function correctly.

Balance your Chakra and Let the Chakra Bracelet Energy flow 

When a healthy person is mentally serene and happy, the energy flows balanced and gently. The Chakras are then able to transport the energy from one level to another.

Chakras play an important role in maintaining the health and complexity of the body’s immune system, as well as other systems.

The Chakra energy is a field of universal force and is therefore always present, but its flux can be reduced or restricted under certain conditions.

The Chakra bracelet meaning is a way to balance the energy in each chakra so we will feel harmonized and centered when wearing it. When you wear a Chakra bracelet, it will help remind you to set and focus your intention on grounding and clearing yourself to stay true to your full authentic self.

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What are the benefits of Chakra balancing and how to do it?     


A Chakra bracelet, also known as a Chakra Energy Healing Bracelet is usually made up of seven different colored beads. Its purpose and meaning is to help balance your seven energy centers. Most energy healing bracelets are constructed of chakra cleansing stones and colors that are associated with each of your Chakra Bracelet.


After reading this post, I am sure you will be motivated to expand your knowledge of this amazing subject. Therefore I would like to recommend an excellent book: Chakras and Meditation a Guide for Beginners. In this book, you will get practical and through the exercises, you will learn how to balance your Chakra Bracelet. In addition, the book explains self-healing techniques to enhance your positive energy, mediation and further explanation about balancing your chakras. This is an excellent option for a gift to a loved one, or to be kept for future reference. This book is available in my shop as a PDF instant download. It is on sale now, so don’t miss the opportunity.


Understanding and Balancing your Chakras


 Chakra Bracelet are the foundation chakra that should be the first thing you work on. With the root chakra blocked, you can experience emotional behaviors that can lead to anxiety, and panic. This kind of anxiety can make you feel uncertain and infiltrate your thoughts. It can also prevent from concentrating on anything fully and have you worrying over your well being at all times.

Root Chakra stones are Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Jet and Rubies.

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