Lolite Cabochons
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    50 Pcs
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    5-25 grams
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Product Description

Shop online for Lolite Cabochons from Faiz Gems. It brings forth a deep release, opening the self to soul healing and allowing the steps towards a more positive future to develop. The 'Stone of Wander', supports the being if the time has arisen to look within to self in order to let go of hurt and painful memory so that the journey of healing and acceptance can begin. It is a stone to raise inner confidence lift the mood and help bring back the sparkle and curiosity in day to day living. Iolite can be beneficial in helping the being to see out of the darkness brought on by depression, negativity, hurt and low states. It stimulates the mind to look out of the clouded vision, bringing a sense of knowing their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Order now.

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